1.7 How to update the theme

Automatic theme update:

  1. Be sure to have the Envato Market plugin installed
  2. Click on Envato Market on the left column and follow the instructions for obtaining your API key
  3. Once you add the API key in the settings page, you can update your theme from the main Envato Market page

Automatic plugins update:

After updating the theme, visit the Plugins section.
An alert on the top of the page will invite you to update the plugins, and you just have to follow the procedure.

Visual composer update:

Visual composer can’t be updated automatically unless you don’t purchase a Personal License, as it comes in Bundle.
To update this plugin, you have to:

  1. Unzip the theme folder on your computer
  2. Navigate to TGM-Plugin-Activation/plugins
  3. Unzip the file js-composer.zip
  4. Via FTP navigate in your site to the folder wp-content/plugins
  5. Upload the unzipped folcer js-composer replacing the old one.

Child theme update:

The child theme doesn’t need to be updated. More info

Manual Update:

You can download new updates from Themeforest.net/downloads for as long as the product is maintained

A full file and database backup is recommended before updating.
No pages or site contents are deleted when updating themes or plugins.
If you used the child theme, just replace the main theme file and leave the child theme intact.

1. Unzip the theme folder on your local computer (for example on the desktop)
2. Backup your old theme version located in wp-content/themes/lifecoach
3. Upload the theme via FTP replacing the old theme folder in wp-content/themes
4. In your local theme folder, after unzipping, navigate to TGM-Plugin-Activation/plugins
5. Unzip all the plugins and upload them to the wp-content/plugins folder, replacing the old ones
6. visit the ADMIN screen and verify if you need to install any missing plugin(s). If you are updating from very old versions


  1. After the theme update go in the Plugins page
  2. Follow the instructions prompted at the top of the page


Each update version contains the list of changes in lifecoach/changelog.txt. Before updating always check what’s new, as some big updates may require additional actions to be isntalled.

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