2.5 Events


  1. Click Events
  2. Click Add New
  3. Enter a title and description
  4. Choose a date using the datepicker. Date format must be YYYY-MM-DD (Year month date)

    The event countdown appears for future events and is hidden for past events.

  5. Insert an address and any other details
  6. If you want to show a google map for the event, insert the location of the event and click “Geolocate Address”
  7. Add a website URL for the event
  8. Add a location name, like “NY Conference Hall”
  9. Add a contact phone number
  10. Add a external event link
  11. Add as many links to buy the ticket as you want
  12. Select one or more event types, they are like categories, but for events. You can also create archives for specific event types.
  13. Click “Publish” or “Update”

Creating the events archive:

  1. Go to pages->Add New
  2. Select the Archive Events template
  3. In Appearance->Menus link to the page you just created (optional)


You can hide or show the events depending on the event date. To change this option go to

Creating an event map:

  1. Be sure to have the QT Places plugin installed and active
  2. Be sure that you are not hiding past events in case that you want to show them
  3. Add the shortcode [qtplaces posttype=”event”].
  4. See the QtPlaces documentation for more infos
  5. You can also use the QtPlaces shortcode generator in your page editor
  6. Check the page Settings -> QT Places for more infos
  7. Don’t use the Google Maps API unless necessary and unless you know how to properly generate it (check Google’s documentation about this. Only needed for sites > 20K visitors a day)

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