5.1.0 Installing WooCommerce

With the Life Coach WordPress Theme you can create a perfectly working E-commerce website, with the help of the free WooCommerce plugin, the most popular and functional WordPress plugin for ecommerce websites.

Installing the WooCommerce plugin

  1. Be sure to have at least 1.2.1 version of the theme, you can see it in Appearance->Themes and click on the thumbnail of the parent theme “Life Coach”.
  2. Go in Plugins->Add New and look for WooCommerce
  3. Click “Install now” and then activate it, you’ll be prompted to the first installation wizard once done



Pages setup for WooCommerce with the Life Coach WordPress theme

This theme provides a specific page template for WooCommerce pages.

Once you have set up the Checkout, Account and Cart pages with the automated WooCommerce wizard, follow these steps to achieve a smooth design result.

  1. Edit the pages My Account, Cart and Checkout
  2. For each page, set the template “Page WooCommerce”
  3. Save the changes



WooCommerce global design settings

  1. In Appearance->Customize click “WooCommerce Settings”
  2. Set your desired header height: full screen or short.

    For each single page you can override the global settings with the page attributes below each page’s¬†content editor.
  3. Add to cart header button: enable to display a cart button on the top right corner of the page. WooCommerce needs to be installed to see the button.
    In mobile, the button cannot be displayer for spacing reasons.
    For mobile phones you can enable the extra sidebar in the Header settings of the customizer, and the cart button will be already inside (if enabled in the WooCommerce settings)


Cart button in mobile

To see the cart button in mobile, after enabling the cart button in the WooCommerce customizations, co in Appearance->Customise->Header settings.

Enable the Off Canvas sidebar:








In mobile, the cart button will be visible in the off canvas sidebar:

Remember that to see the cart button in mobile devices you need:

  • WooCommerce plugin active
  • Extra sidebar enabled in the Header¬†customizations
  • Cart button enabled in the WooCommerce customizations



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